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Accelerating Startups with

OneValley has collaborated with HSBC to bring an exclusive instance of Passport available to all eligible HSBC India customers. Passport is a multi-feature online platform that connects founders and startups to business-critical services, learning resources, significant savings and mentorship at the click of a button. It’s never been easier for founders to access the support they need to build, grow and scale their business. Eligible HSBC India customers can now become privileged users of Passport receiving full access FREE for their first year*. 



You will have instant access to: 

  • Expert Interaction - Access to over 200 local and global industry experts through 1:1 mentorship sessions and events to keep you on top of the growth curve. 

  • Business Resources - Equipping founders with actionable resources to help build more financially sustainable businesses and save thousands in business tools. 

  • Global Network - Access to entrepreneurs, experts and partners from across the world to foster collaboration and growth. 


* Please click here to view the T&C and eligibility criteria. 

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Mentor Network
  • 1:1 Expert Mentorship  

  • A curated network of over 200 highly accomplished mentors from across the globe.  

  • HSBC India customers can avail mentorship for free with their complimentary first year subscription to Passport.  

cup-ldap-profile-picture (13).png

Carl Hessler

Partner, VC / Startup Attorney at Lowenstein Sandler



Shambhavi Mishra

Director of Investments at Brand Capital International


cup-ldap-profile-picture (15).png

Dave Izuka

Venture Accelerator at Venture Accelerator Services

Leadership/ Management

cup-ldap-profile-picture (16).png

Fer Oliveira

GM Partnerships and C-Suite Digital Transformational Advocate at Google

Go-to-market Strategy

cup-ldap-profile-picture (17).png

Samir Adams Ghosh

Tech Exec | Entrepreneur | Mentor | Aspiring Polymath

International Development

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Curated Learning Resources

100's of learning resources to help you solve your current business challenge. 

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The Most Important Founder Trait

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Enterprise Pipeline Management

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5 Email Marketing A/B Testing Ideas

Image by Luke Chesser.jpeg

Growth Metrics vs. Death Metrics


Feature Prioritization

How We Support the Startup Ecosystem

We are living in a time where a digital ecosystem and collaborative partnerships are essential for any business to thrive. At HSBC, we constantly strive to simplify banking for our clients and offer the best of services.  


With multiple differentiators such as one-stop platforms for global banking, trade and forex, presence in more than 60 countries, guidance related to all regulatory requirements and reporting, and much more, HSBC is well poised to help firms expand in India and globally. 


As a part of our ‘Beyond Banking’ initiative, we bring to you collaborations with innovative partners, with the objective of enhancing your experience across the entire lifecycle of your business and operations.  

Perks & Discounts for Your Startup

Perks & Discounts worth over ₹ 7.5 Crores on critical startup services. 



$50,000 credits $1,000,000+ in partner credits

Analytics & Product Management


Amazon Web Services

Enjoy upto USD 25000 free credits*

Cloud Services



$1000 Credits

Low Code Tool



$10,000 credits across Freshworks products

Customer Engagement



Free up up to $1M USD in Revenue/TPV or 2 years from the date of coupon application

Subscription Management Service

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Startup Events & Competitions

Access hundreds of events to keep you on top of the latest trends and insights. 

Oct 19, 2022

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How to Manage Government Grant Funding

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Sept 29, 2022

How to Leverage a Financial Model to Supercharge Your Business

Sept 27, 2022

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How to answer equity questions from employees

Sept 15, 2022

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LG Nova Mission for the Future 2022 Pitch Competition

Sept 14, 2022

Encubay and OneValley Present Partner Insights

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