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OneValley's New Go-to-Market Series

Are you building a new product and getting ready to launch it for the very first time? It’s never too early to start thinking about your go-to-market strategy, and it’s never too late to learn how to improve it! 

We know that creating a go-to-market strategy can be daunting, so we’ve developed a four lesson mini-series to teach you everything you need to know.

Go-to-Market Series: Lessons and Topics

OneValley Blog Go-to-Market Series: Find Your Ideal Customer

Lesson 1: Find your target customer and understand their shopping behaviors so that you can identify the best ways to reach them. You’ll learn about how customers make purchasing decisions and build your ideal customer profile. 

OneValley Blog Go-to-Market Series: Building Your Brand

Lesson 2: Start building your brand. What sets you apart, and how will you make yourself memorable to your customers? We’ll cover competitive analysis and the basics behind creating a strong brand. 

OneValley Blog Go-to-Market Series: Pricing Your Product

Lesson 3: Determine how you’ll be pricing your product. Get to know the different pricing strategies available for setting a price that’s fair to both you and your customers. 

OneValle Blog Go-to-Market Series: Identify Channels & Key Indicators

Lesson 4: Put it all together and bring it to your customers! We’ll show you how to set your marketing goals and choose the right channels that will help you get there. 

Start learning today on Passport! 


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