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OneValley's New Product Series

Onevalley product series launch

[San Mateo, CA] - OneValley, a leader in providing resources for startups, is pleased to announce the release of a new set of free educational lessons on product development. 

OneValley’s Product Series is specially designed to support early-stage startups in navigating the complexities of working with minimum viable products (MVPs). Founders and team members of early-stage startups are eligible to enroll and start learning today!

Lessons and Topics

Consisting of seven lessons, OneValley’s Product Series delves into different facets of early product development:

Lesson 1: Innovation Is Risky 

Dive into the world of lean approaches and explore OneValley’s product development process.

Lesson 2: Discovering a Customer and Problem

Research prospective customers and problems using observations and interviews, leveraging insights to pinpoint a problem that your product can solve.

Lesson 3: Ideating Solutions Organize fruitful brainstorming sessions, translating ideas into innovative product concepts with compelling value propositions.

Lesson 4: Specifying a Solution

Undertake researching competitors, identifying must-have features alongside performance and delighter features to prioritize based on satisfaction and effort.

Lesson 5: Making a MVP and Setting Up an Experiment

Follow practical guidance to make your MVP and set up an experiment to test it in the wild.

Lesson 6: Selecting Metrics and Conducting an Experiment

Finalize the metrics and thresholds associated with your experiment, then launch and monitor its progress.

Lesson 7: Deciding on Persevering/Pivoting and Next Steps

Derive insights from your experiment to decide whether to persevere or pivot, and determine what steps to take next.

36 readings, 13 videos, and 7 templates included—all completely free!

To get started on OneValley's Product Series, click here.


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