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Why Brex is THE Credit Card for Startups

As a founder startup, credit is a really important part of building your business and choosing the correct credit card is not something to be taken lightly. Keeping our founders in mind, we've chosen to partner with Brex, the credit card for startups. Not only is Brex backed by Mastercard, but they have an innovative underwriting technique that allows them to offer founders credit with no personal guarantee. The Brex card also comes with hundreds of thousands of dollars in perks and credits, in addition to a rewards program built specifically for startups.

Sign-ups Made Simple

Brex for startups protects founders’ assets, as the only credit card that does not require a personal guarantee, credit scores, or security deposits, which already eliminates steps that become roadblocks for many. Brex continues to simplify the sign-up process with instant approvals. Once you’re approved you can use your virtual card instantly and will be a physical cardholder within 3-5 business days. Worry less and scale sooner!

Fraud Prevention You Can Trust

Because Brex is powered by Mastercard, the network with best-in-class 24/7 fraud monitoring, founders can trust that their startup’s financing is secure. With Brex for startups, cardholders are never liable for unauthorized transactions, and because it’s not a debit card, they can’t withdraw cash, further upping the security of your Brex account.

Game-Changing Perks & Rewards

Brex rewards stand out from any other startup credit card option. Perks of being a Brex cardholder include worldwide access as part of the World Elite Mastercard program (accepted in 200+ countries) and no foreign transaction fees. If you’re traveling

internationally, there’s no need to set up travel alerts - simply use your card wherever you are! The exclusive Brex Rewards program offers innovative benefits that are unparalleled to other card companies. For example, while Amex offers a 1.5x maximum back, Brex offers higher rewards in even more categories 7x on rideshare, 4x on travel, 3x on restaurants, 2x on SAS, and 1x on everything else.

Brex & GSVlabs

Brex is offering startups in the GSV network a minimum cash balance of $10,000 with all other fees waived, a staggering 90% reduction from standard minimum cash balance. Brex Rewards are focused on products and services startups need most (software, office food, computing) and offer limits that are 10-20x higher than other cards. Brex also comes with embedded expense management features. This makes Brex perfect for tech companies and early-stage startups.


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