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OneValley Fundraising Accelerator

Four Weeks to change your nonprofit forever

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OneValley's nonprofit Fundraising Accelerator and Technology Bootcamp is an innovative cohort-based accelerator designed to help organizations acquire new donors as well as maximize year-end fundraising.


Fundraising Accelerator

Learn to create a transformative fundraising strategy for your organization while also receiving the tech and tools you need to maintain year-round growth for your nonprofit.

Weekly time commitment

4 hours of live instruction and interactive panels with thought leaders 

2-3 hours of asynchronous preparation and implementation per week



(1-3 attendees per org)

What you’ll get
  • A comprehensive fundraising plan to help you find new donors and get more donations

  • Training and tools needed to find new funding

  • A certificate from UC Berkeley Haas School of business in nonprofit fundraising

  • Mentorship and Training from world-class nonprofit thought leaders

  • Fundraising gameplan with 1:1 coaching to help implement

  • Over $3,000 dollars worth of capacity building tech tools for nonprofits 

  • Free Google Ad Spend via Google Ad Grants (managed and delivered by OV)

The program is comprised of two phases:

Phase 1: Rise to Raise

Year-end fundraising sprint with a focus on finding new donors and driving more donations

Phase 2: Reload and Reinvent

Using tech to maximize engagement, create recurring donors and find new sources of funding

Stay informed of future fundraising accelerator programs

Our 2021 Fundraising Accelerator program is now fully booked.

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