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GSVlabs Enters into a Strategic Partnership with the Misk Foundation to Power the Entrepreneurship World Cup. 

The Misk Global Forum (MGF) and NestGSV Silicon Valley LLC (“GSVlabs”) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to promote innovation and entrepreneurship around the globe through the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC). 


The partnership will see MGF and GSVlabs join hands to build a technology platform that nurtures the growing global community of entrepreneurs being brought together by the EWC. By providing them with mentorship, learning resources, access to capital, and best-in-class services and tools, MGF and GSVlabs will empower these creators to take their companies to the next level. 

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a life-changing opportunity for 100,000 entrepreneurs already registered. Alongside, over US$5 million in prizes, EWC is also offering unrivaled resources to startups at every stage of development anywhere in the world. Now, through this partnership with GSVlabs, EWC finalists will have access to GSV Passport, a unique resource bringing Silicon Valley to the world and enabling the continued support of entrepreneurship and innovation for anyone, anywhere. GSVlabs will also work to find the most talented founders and entrepreneurs in North America and prepare them to compete on the EWC global stage finals in November.

The belief that young people, both are the future and can create the future - is at the heart of our work at MGF. And we are hugely excited to be working with a company that shares this commitment to empowering young people. GSVlabs’ work supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and connecting them to the investment and acceleration ecosystem that enables their growth makes them a natural partner for the MGF and the EWC. We look forward to working together to give young entrepreneurs the opportunities they need to create the future, and we’re excited to see that future emerge.

- Shaima Hamidaddin, Executive Manager of the Misk Global Forum

We are excited to partner with the Misk Global Forum for the Entrepreneurship World Cup. MGF’s  goal of fostering entrepreneurship globally is uniquely aligned with our mission at GSVlabs of building a truly Global Silicon Valley. As we continue to grow our innovation centers in Silicon Valley and Boston and expand GSV Passport to founders, mentors, Fortune 500s, and Venture Capitalists all over the world, we see a huge opportunity to collaborate and provide additional resources to current and future participants of EWC. We are honored to be a part of these efforts.

- Nikhil Sinha, CEO of GSVlabs

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is currently conducting a number of national and regional finals around the world, ahead of the global final to be held this November at the Misk Global Forum’s annual gathering in Riyadh. With nearly 100,000 entrants from 170 countries, the EWC is the largest global pitch competition of its kind. Prizes include training, resources, networking and connection opportunities, investment, and cash, totalling US$5 million.

Winners - East Coast

Finalists - East Coast



Tackling the $4B transport problem of inefficient static routes, and vehicle positioning. 



AR-first content management system  and delivery network



Non-toxic coatings that prolong the life belongings by protecting against spills and stains.


Helps men test, improve, and freeze their sperm to solve the 50% decline in male fertility


Nineteenth Amendment

Inventory-free retailing of fashion. Using automation and machine learning.



Helps  Supply Houses and Contractors in different Trade & Construction industries move parts, material and equipment on-demand.




Supply chain data platform provider helping companies achieve real-time and true end-to-end visibility of goods.


Uptime Health

Connecting healthcare facilities  with a solution that will automate medical equipment lifecycle management. 



Compt helps companies create and manage Lifestyle Spending Accounts so employees can get the perks they want and need.



Get connected with advisors in any industry, any role, and any location — and get any question answered.

Finalists - West Coast



Nerv Technologies

Implantable smart catheter system embedded with μ-biosensors designed to detect anastomotic leaks.



Gamifying your classroom, school or district and making school meaningful for your students 


Ashored Innovations

Develops sustainability-enabling technologies for ocean harvest industries.



Forecasts and coaches vendors towards impressive savings results during negotiations.




Micro-engineered bioplastics that eliminate billions of pounds of plastic waste.



Enabler of Predictive Operations. Ready-to-use machine learning system.



Secures Information and Identity with cryptography, heuristics and distributed ledger technologies. 

smartypan s.jpg


Sensor enabled cookware that powers a social recipe platform. 




The world's most advanced smell camera. We will be able to diagnose any disease by smell alone in 5 years. 


SecureStream Technologies

Security and Analytics platform to Eliminate Threats, Guarantee Privacy and Compliance.



Enables parents to share child expenses & exchange child support with each other.



Centralizes all your work in one place, bringing in all your collaboration apps and conversations.


Uprise Energy

The company has developed the world’s first commercially sized mobile wind turbine.

Finalists - Canada


Novarc Technologies Inc.

Spool Welding Robot that boosts productivity and  delivers superior weld quality.




Helps brick and mortar retailers analyze, engage and monetize customers.



Harnesses metrics to improve indoor air quality, save energy & streamline operations.

Judges - Silicon Valley


Jim McLean

Founder, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Data Capital

Sophie Liao

Founder and Managing Director, Oyster Ventures.


The Misk Global Forum (MGF) is the flagship international platform of the Misk Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discover, develop and empower Saudi young people to become active participants in the knowledge economy. Launched in 2016, MGF takes Misk’s mission onto the world stage, helping young people to realize their potential in the future economy and become active global citizens. Through international events, partnerships, and initiatives, MGF brings together emerging and established leaders, innovators, and creators to explore, experience and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change.

Doug Levin 

Founder, serial entrepreneur, CEO, board member, investor and mentor at HBS and MIT

Betty Francisco

Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, Thought Leader

Jeffrey Beir

Managing Partner Mentor Foundry; Founding Mentor at the Harvard iLab

Judges - East Coast & Canada


Global Silicon Valley Labs - GSVlabs - is a worldwide innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 5,000 members, 300 startups, 450 investors and 75 enterprisevpartners in our network. Our mission is to create the world’s premier global innovation platform - empowering entrepreneurs and democratizing innovation around the world. We create powerful network effects by supporting entrepreneurs, accelerating startups and enabling innovation in the world’s largest companies. We catalyse the world’s innovation ecosystem, and through our new digital platform GSV Passport™ connect Silicon Valley to the World and the World to Silicon Valley.

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