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Techstars Boston and GSVlabs continue to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in the city’s tech sector

24th February 2020

When two businesses collaborate, especially in the startup world, the results can be incredible, and the collaboration between Techstars Boston and GSVlabs is no exception.
For the second year in a row, GSVlabs and Techstars Boston are teaming up for the Techstars Boston 2020 accelerator program. 
GSVlabs Boston is a coworking space built for startups, and is currently home to 52 early-stage tech companies. For the next three months, GSVlabs Boston will be housing Techstars Boston’s 10 startups on site where they will not only get an office but gain access to a larger startup community. The startups will also be able to tap into the GSVlabs network of mentors, investors and service providers and have a community that they can call home long after the accelerator ends.


"Building a successful startup is hard, so the more resources you have access to the better. By choosing GSVlabs as the home for the program, each company now gets full access to the Techstars ecosystem which is world-class and to the GSVlabs ecosystem which we like to think is world-class as well."
- Seth Hauben, Managing Director GSVlabs Boston.


“Sometimes things happen that seem like coincidences at GSVlabs, like meeting key advisors and partners in the kitchen, or even being asked to pitch for a visiting group of investors who ended up joining our seed round,” Leeming says.

Since the space opened in Downtown Boston in 2018, the GSVlabs’ staff are seeing a myriad of startups that have come from Techstars to make this their office. In fact, over 20 Techstars alumni, 18 from the Greater Boston area, are hard at work building their businesses from the spaces GSVlabs provides. Take the experience of Techstars Alexa Accelerator alumni Unruly Studios, for example. Over the past two years, Unruly Studios CEO Bryanne Leeming and her team have embraced the space and all of its features, as well as the environment GSVlabs provides for startups.


“At the end of the day we see GSVlabs' mission as one that helps startups get to their next level of growth - and we do that by providing our startups access to a premier network of mentors, investors and service providers,” says Kara O’Keefe, Startup Director at GSVlabs Boston. “When I look at our relationship with Techstars Boston, one of the best parts is seeing their mentors engaging not just with the Techstars companies, but with the GSVlabs community as a whole.”

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