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Startup Tribes and OneValley announce strategic partnership to build regional innovation and economic development ecosystems.

SAN MATEO, Calif. March 31st, 2022 -- This new partnership brings together the deep expertise of Startup Tribes Inc., building local and international entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems, with OneValley’s technology platform which is currently powering many of the world’s top innovation, entrepreneurial and non-profit ecosystems.


In combining these capabilities, OneValley and New Jersey based Startup Tribes will expand local and east coast business communities much faster, developing large-scale, multi-sector innovation ecosystems supporting individual and coalition-based initiatives to create dramatic economic impacts.

“This partnership will enhance our capabilities to build multi-stakeholder, region-wide ecosystems, instead of focusing on each organization independently,” says Parth Mehta, Founder & CEO of Startup Tribes. “Our Innovation Community Builder (ICB) platform has been a backbone for various well-known and market leading organizations that support entrepreneurship and innovation. Partnering with OneValley enables us to expand our regional footprint into workforce and economic development ecosystems at scale.”

OneValley will accelerate Startup Tribes efforts through its market leading technology PassportOS, an all-in-one online platform that supports a multitude of companies, organizations and top startup accelerators and incubators building, scaling, and managing world-class startup and innovation communities all over the world.

“We are excited to bring the vision of creating scalable and impactful online ecosystems along the east coast to life,” says Nikhil Sinha, CEO of OneValley. “Through this partnership we will be able to support at-scale, organizations to connect and enable entire entrepreneurship, innovation and impact communities to accelerate business growth within the region.” 

Startup Tribes has extensive experience working with federal and state programs/initiatives and grants, and have strong relationships with universities, industry associations, startup accelerators, non-profit support organizations and key economic development organizations across the nation.

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About Startup Tribes

Startup Tribes Inc., based in New Jersey, is a builder of innovation ecosystems that propel economic and workforce development communities. During 2021, the company has connected 2,500+ students from underserved and underrepresented communities with resources and opportunities in the field of STEM innovation. Startup Tribes has built virtual ecosystems across 10 countries building a robust innovation system through their Innovation Community Builder (ICB) platform which has a total member base of more than 5,000+ users.


About OneValley

OneValley is a global entrepreneurship platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, that supports entrepreneurs, accelerates startups, and empowers organizations across the world that foster innovation communities. OneValley directly supports over 60,000 members and indirectly another 200,000+ through our enterprise partnerships and platforms, powered by our online platform Passport, the world’s most comprehensive innovation platform connecting Silicon Valley to the World and the World to Silicon Valley.

For further information please contact:

Parth Mehta

Founder, Startup Tribes


Vanessa Torre

Vice President, Global Marketing, OneValley

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