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Finding Your Ideal Workspace: A Tour of Pittsburgh's Coworking Gems

Pittsburgh is a vibrant, growing city that offers a diverse range of coworking spaces to cater to the various needs of the thriving entrepreneurial community. In 2023, this way of working is becoming more common. The need for community and connection is here, and these are the places fostering those relationships and networks.

Below are some of the amazing spaces, their vibes, and the offerings that they have.

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Cohatch


If you thrive in a dynamic and vibrant environment, you may find one of Cohatch's 3 locations works for you. Some professionals who may vibe in this space are students, digital nomads, freelancers, small business owners, and event planners.

Vibe: Hip, Trendy, Cafe Style, Casual

Locations: Homestead Waterfront, Shadyside, Southside Works

Offerings: Flexible spaces at booths and community tables, community gathering space, meeting space, phone rooms, private offices - Coworking and Office options

Memberships from $109 - $270 | Private Offices start at $700

Amenities: Free beer and coffee, free life events, Wi-Fi, COhatch+ with health benefits, movie theatre, arcade games

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Industrious


If you prioritize a polished and sophisticated work environment, Industrious may be the spot for you. Individuals who might thrive in this space are business consultants and executives, legal and financial professionals, corporate teams, and professional service providers.

Vibe: Professional, Luxury, Simplistic Minimalist

Location: Downtown

Offerings: Open workspaces, small private coworking spaces, varying sizes of private offices, meeting spaces, and common areas.

Memberships range between $124 - $299 | Private Offices start at $643

Amenities: 24/7 Access, Wellness Room, office supplies, Wi-Fi, daily breakfast & snacks, weekly happy hours

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Emerald City


If you are looking to build a supportive network in an Artsy, urban atmosphere, Emerald City may be your coworking space. In this coworking event and social area dedicated to catapulting Black entrepreneurs and businesses to wealth and regional success, you will find a vibrant community of Black professionals passionate about entrepreneurship and building a supportive network. Some professionals that may succeed here include small business owners, startup founders, professionals in Black-owned businesses, creatives & artists, community leaders, and activists.

Vibe: Urban, Artsy, Classy, Historic

Location: Downtown

Offerings: Coworking area, private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, common areas, and event space

Amenities: 24/7 access, High-Speed Internet, add-on parking pass, coffee, tea & water service, mail service

Visit and learn more here.

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking The Roundhouse


If you are looking for a community of driven individuals and innovative startups who thrive in a creative, collaborative, and contemporary space, OneValley at The Roundhouse is the space for you. Some personalities and professionals who may be attracted to this space are tech startup founders, designers & creatives, nonprofits, digital marketing professionals, product development teams, business consultants & mentors.

Vibe: Industrial, Modern, Collaborative

Location: Hazelwood Green

Offerings: Hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, meeting spaces, classrooms, event spaces, patio, cafe

Memberships start at $125 - $350 | Private Offices start at $658

Amenities: High-speed WiFi, community events, coffee, tea, local beer and snacks, unlimited printing, team headshots, event rental discounts, access to the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurship Platform for resources and mentors

Come visit or try the space for a week of free coworking by mentioning this blog. Visit us here.

Or Contact IC Director for more information. Virtual tour

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Alloy26

5. ALLOY26

If you are looking for a contemporary space with a bustling atmosphere to foster collaboration and a stimulating environment, Alloy26 might be your spot. Located in the NoVaPlace building on the North Side, Pittsburgh's oldest coworking space provides a space for established professionals. Possible professions that may thrive here are digital marketing professionals, data scientists/ analysts, software developers, consultants, and graphic designers.

Vibe: Energetic, Dynamic, Established

Location: North Hills

Offerings: Conference rooms, event space

Limited visit flex options start at $40 | Unlimited Flex options start at $125

Dedicated options start at $225 | Private Offices start at $875

Amenities: Coffee, snacks, ping pong, parking plans, discounted onsite fitness, High-Speed Internet

Schedule a visit or learn more by visiting their website.

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Fulton Commons


If you are looking for a creative, unique, hip, and inviting space to create and be productive, Fulton Commons is the place. This well-designed space set in an old refurbished Catholic School has a lot to offer professionals, as well as a shared kitchen commissary in the lower level for chefs and “catering coworking.” You will find a wide variety of professionals here, including writers, nonprofit professionals, culinary entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers.

Vibe: Creative, Vibrant, Vintage, Whimsical

Location: Pittsburgh, Northside

Offerings: Cafe space, conference rooms, phone booths, and a shared kitchen

Community desks start at $125 | Personal Desks start at $175 | Private Offices start at $400

Shared Kitchen Coworking Space starting at $650 a month

Amenities: Free street parking, coffee & snack options, 24-hour access, High-speed internet

Learn more about this unique space here.

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Butler Street Lofts


If you are looking for a blend of historic charm and contemporary functionality that appeals to a broad spectrum of professionals, this might be the place for you. A collaborative space that lends itself to many types of professionals like remote workers, entrepreneurs, consultants, community groups, and more.

Vibe: Chic, Historic, Collaborative

Location: Lawrenceville

Offerings: Coworking, meetings, phone booths, and event spaces.

Coworking starts at $300/month, and Private Offices start at $800

Amenities: Fitness Room, Restaurant, Mail sorting/forwarding/delivery, Printing, Wi-Fi, 24/7 Access, Local Coffee

Check out the space or go for a tour here.

OneValley Blog Pittsburgh Coworking Ascender


If you are looking for a collaborative, clean coworking space with opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, Ascender might be the place for you. Nestled in the heart of the East End, this space is home to many creative minds, startup dreamers, tech professionals, mentors, and social entrepreneurs.

Vibe: Innovative, Community-Centric, Modern

Location: East Liberty

Offerings: Conference rooms, event space, virtual memberships start at $40 | flexible Memberships start at $200 | Private Offices starting at $800

Amenities: Free Parking, Member events, Tea/ Coffee/ Snacks, 24/7 access, Wi-Fi, Networking

Check out their offerings or schedule a visit here.

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