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Passport Weekly: Everyone Loves Pinterest. 

 9th February 2020

Written by GSVlabs Startup Director & Product Manager, Slater McLean

Passport Weekly: Everyone Loves Pinterest.

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Everyone loves Pinterest...

Move over Facebook and Google, there is a new sheriff in town. And she goes by the name of Pinterest. The visual discovery engine recently wow'd Wall St. last week when they beat earnings and their stock price climbed roughly 10% in one day. It's no surprise either, according to a quarterly report released by Brex Pinterest's ad platform is working really well. Based on Brex spending data, around 13% of startups that advertised on Pinterest in January were still spending money on the platform in August. Additionally, the amount startups are spending on the platform is exploding (see graph below). Read the full Brex spending report below and explore how startups using Pinterest on page 7.

11 Conferences Every Entrepreneur Should Attend in 2020

One of the best ways to boost your status as an entrepreneur is to go to the right conference. Conferences provide insight from some of the field’s biggest names, they also afford you the opportunity to connect with people in the same boat as you. No one succeeds in business alone, and conferences are a great way to make valuable connections.

You'll notice that number one on the list is Startup Grind! It's a fantastic conference with amazing speakers and attendees. If you happen to be at Startup Grind this week, swing by booth #30 and say hi! Click to read more >>>

Here are top startup trends to look out for in 2020

W2020 just started and it looks like there will be some exciting times for the startup world. Although 2019 showed great promising IPOs and startup stories, it also had its fair share of major hiccups such as the fall of WeWork.
There are plenty of lessons to learn for VCs and especially founders on what is the definition of a successful business. Although innovation will still be a key trait for startups, many are leaning towards early profitability and enterprise-level business models as key traits, especially software. Click to read more >>>


What Paul Graham thinks about why startups fail

The #1 cause of startup death is making something no one wants. The #2 cause is spending too much. Those two account for so many deaths that I'm not even sure what #3 is. If you merely make something people want and don't spend too much, you're way ahead.  Click to read the whole thread>>>


Ranking Countries With Medium-Sized Startup Scenes

In startup funding, there are hubs where most investments originate and there are so-called venture deserts, where deals hardly ever happen. And then there are places in the middle, which see a steady, but not massive, number of funding rounds.

Usually when we talk about startup hubs we’re referring to metro areas. But the categorization can apply to countries as well. For as long as we’ve been tracking, a handful of nations rake in the vast majority of startup venture funding while others get virtually none. Click to read more >>>

See how startups work with the Brex Quarterly Review

Startups are a crucial pillar of growth for the global economy. They drive innovation and force companies everywhere to constantly improve their products and provide the best customer experience. While many of them will go out of business, some of them will go on to become the next Facebook or Apple, becoming iconic companies and beacons of progress around the world. Click to read more >>>

New Tools on Passport

Emburse: Credit Cards With Auto Enforcing Spending Rules
Full Scope Web: Modern website design & development for startups.
Bloomx: Digital marketing services - outreach, inbound, social media and paid Ads.

New Mentors on Passport

Ignacio Castro: Managing Director, Founder Institute Boston
Stamatis Astra: Venture Partner, Innovation Manufacturing Ventures
Tyler Beaty: Creative Director, Afterhours

New Mentors on Passport

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