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Decoding Early-Stage Sales

Join us for an interactive conversation with Whitney Sales of Acceleprise Ventures on early-stage sales and go-to-market strategy.
Date & Time:  Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 12:00pm PST 

From identifying your ideal customer profiles to selecting marketing channels, positioning your product correctly, and optimizing sales processes, when you’re starting from scratch, as a product / technical founder, sales can seem like a bit of a black box. In this workshop, we’ll cover a framework for thinking about and answering the hardest challenges in your company’s go-to-market.

About the Speaker:

Whitney Sales is a business leader with over ten years of sales experience, and yes, in a twist of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sales is her actual surname.

She is a Managing Partner at Acceleprise Ventures and creator of The Sales Method. The Sales Method is Whitney’s winning analytical process that looks at Sales-Market fit to align to a target market’s buying process, to ultimately help companies scale to market faster.

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